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Missionaries of the Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) founded Radio Victoria in 1958. In the beginning, the local radio station Voz di Aruba aired programs, and in 1959 Radio Victoria obtained their own radio station. Initially, only on the AM and in 1970 the FM band was added. The AM however, was dropped in 1997. In 1992 TEAM handed over control of the radio station to the association of the communion of evangelical churches of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) better known as Komunion. They established a steering committee to manage the radio station. In 1998 the Foundation Radio Victoria was established and the radio operating licence and radio station complete with assets was transferred to this foundation.


As the radio station building in Pos Chiquito was sold, Radio Victoria had to seek another location. Also, since AM- transmissions were stopped and a lot was automated, the building had become too large.


Nowadays Radio Victoria is an Aruban Foundation run by local Christians. We seek to spread the hope we found for our lives in Jesus, Savior sent by God for the world.

You can also see who we are, those involved with Radio Victoria. We have attached some pictures or if you plan to visit Aruba, you can listen to us 24/7 on 93.1 FM.

photo  in the nigth from outside of the radio

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